How Jumping Today Can Make You Healthy

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Jumping Your Way To Health – How Jumping Can Improve Your Health

It’s a nice day out, so you decide to take a walk around the neighborhood. Your neighbors are walking their slightly terrifying poodle, and people fly past you on their bikes. Occasionally, a jogger runs by, splashing you with some of his sweat. What you will never see though, is someone jumping down the block like a kangaroo. Of all the aerobic exercises we like, jumping is by far the least popular. Very few people jump consistently, unless it is for a sport. On the other hand, people walk and jog recreationally. This is a shame, because one of the greatest and healthful movements for the human body is a JUMP!

Now, the average American sits for 8 hours a day, which is 1/3 of the day. And, assuming you are sleeping for at least 8 hours, that actually means you spend HALF of your waking day sitting. This is NOT good. Sitting for such extended periods of time is not natural for the human body. As such, it has been linked to health issues, the most alarming effect of which is decreasing your life span by at least several years.

So, in order to counter this, people walk or jog, which are both good! BUT, while these movements are ok, jumping is the best movement to counter all that time you spend sitting.

JumpingJumping Blasts Fat and Calories

This category isn’t even a close race. Jumping is by far the best fat burning exercise among running and walking, and one of the best in general. A jump rope session of 30 minutes burns around 500 calories. And if you perform more intense jump workouts, you burn even more calories in less time. Compare this with running where 30 minutes only burns around 300 calories, and 30 minutes of walking only 100 calories.

JumpingJumping Saves Your Joints

When we talk about jumping, we imply proper jump training, which involves correct technique: this involves right form and the proper jumping surface. We talk about the perfect technique here. So, when performed correctly, jumping is actually easier on your joints than running and walking. Walking, and especially running, puts constant and repeated stress on your joints. This is worsened by the fact that most of us walk and run on unnatural surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Also with jumping, your movements are repeated less frequently, since jumping is a high intensity, low volume workout. The movement is quicker, as you explode off the ground. This results in a shorter period of impaction on your joints.

JumpingJumping Builds Bone

Jumping significantly increases bone density. Each jump creates micro fractures in your bones, which rebuild as stronger and denser versions. Running has a similar effect, but this is offset by the negative impact it has on the joints. Building bone density is critical for young people who are still growing, and for older people who want to keep their bones healthy and protect them as they age.

JumpingJumping Shortens Your Workout

Jumping is a high intensity movement. With high intensity workouts, you spend less time working out, but still burn calories and build strength. If you need a quick burn during the day, jumping is the quickest and easiest to get the job done.

When it comes to healthy exercises, jumping gives you the best “return on investment.” It is quick and easy, and still intense enough to leave your body burning. Most importantly, it’s safe for your body when trained correctly. You want to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body and make up for all the sitting that work, school, and leisure makes us do. Jumping is the go-to exercise for that. It is a superfood of exercises (so a super exercise?). Anyways, it’s great.

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