5 Killer Tips on How to Jump Higher Now!

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Why You Can’t Dunk: 5 Simple Tips on How to Jump Higher Now

We all get super excited when we see a crazy dunk or a monster block. Whether it be in the crowds or the living room, a high vertical display gets us pumped up. It’s the same when you play in the park. The person who jumps the highest gets the most brownie points. Lets face it, we all would like to rock the rim or swat the shot, but most of us simply can’t jump high. Well here are a few guaranteed tips on how to help you jump higher now!

Jump Higher Now


1. Get rid of some of that fat. We all know how slow you can feel when you are carrying extra weight. It also works against you when you are in the air. So get your workout gear and get your heart rate up by going to your local gym or park!


Jump Higher Now

2. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste! That’s right. Eat a healthy balanced diet to compliment your workouts. Some people may go hard in the gym or on the court, but then eat pizza and ice cream. Although those are some delicious food choices, they aren’t the greatest for your jump gains. It all goes to waste. Fuel yourself properly.


Jump Higher Now

3. When playing basketball, focus on giving your full effort on jumping. Whatever you give focus on during your game will be the thing that improves. If you are going up for a rebound, do so with authority and give it your all. Finish around the basket by trying to soar above your opponents. You may fail doing so the first few times, but you will get better each time.

Jump Higher Now4. Become more flexible. Stretch before every game or workout and watch your performance increase. The professional players do this on a daily basis. What makes you an exception? NBA players prepare their muscles to get ready before they play the game. It’s like taking a test. The more prepared you are before the test, the better the result is after taking the test. Pretty simple. Right?

Jump Higher Now5. Become faster! Speed is very important when it comes to getting that lift. When you think of the highest flyers in the league right now, you can see that it is the fastest players whose dunks are explosive. Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and John Wall are among the many NBA players that have an explosive dunk portfolio. Guess what! They are also some of the fastest players.

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