How to Improve Jumping Ability: Avoid These Critical Mistakes!

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Top 3  Jump Training Mistakes: How to Improve Your Jumping Ability

So you want to get a nasty chase down block or probably a highlight reel dunk. Perhaps you just want to know how to improve your jumping ability. Well, that’s a great achievement to look forward to. Have you also decided to go after these goals? If you have then congrats on taking your first step! However there is more to training than just workouts. There are many aspects to earn those gains you have been looking for. Ignoring some of them will simply result in disappointment. Avoid making these critical mistakes that can hinder your jump gains and you will be flying high in no time:

1) Not keeping up with the Diet

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You can workout all day but if your diet consists of pizza and hamburgers, than you are just going to stay where you began. Sure you will make some initial gains in your early workouts but it will come to a decline due to the lack of discipline. There is a reason why LeBron doesn’t chomp down on burritos after his games. He is a professional playing at his maximum potential. I understand that we aren’t professional basketball players, but we are human just as LeBron is. He has made a commitment to give his best. We are all capable of committing to making ourselves better in some form or another. Keeping a clean diet will not only maximize your strengths but will motivate you when you see your results.


2) Not Putting Maximum Effort Into The Workouts

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There are some days where you just don’t want to get up and go do your workouts. I agree that those are the most difficult days, but those are also the days that you need to motivate yourself the most. Think about it, what is the point of doing the workout if there is no effort into it. The reason for the workout is to push yourself to your potential. If the workout is done simply to be “completed,” then it might be one of the reasons that the gains aren’t showing. It is very easy to fall into the trap of feeling accomplished by just “completing” a workout. Try to put full effort into the workout and you will feel much more than accomplished. No pain, no gain!


3) Not Listening To Your Body

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Everyone’s body is different. Not everyone can do multiple workouts per day or feel the same amount of soreness the next day. Learn to understand what your body is telling you. If your body is aching in pain, don’t do a workout that day. Even if you convince yourself that it’s possible, I guarantee you will have a lackluster workout that you dread. If you feel like you’re injured or have pain, take a few days off. There is nothing wrong with taking days off as long as you know that you are fully focused on your goals. It is better to prevent an injury than to have one. It will delay your progress in the long run, so take your time and listen to your body.


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