How to Get More Out of Your Jump Workouts: 3 Simple Tips

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3 Simple Tips to Get More Out of Your Workouts

Ever feel like you are not progressing in your workouts? Well there could be many reasons but most likely you have hit a plateau. This means your body has gotten used to the workouts you have been doing. However, there are a few simple ways to get out of the plateau and shock your body back into gains mode!

1.  Supersets

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This is usually performed at the end of your workouts or on the last set. The premise is to do your normal exercise and then follow up with lower weight and finish off the set until failure. For example: If you are doing squats with 145 pounds for 10 reps on your last set, then simply drop the weight about 30-50% and finish off with however many reps you have left in you. This is a good way to get a nice pump in your muscles.

2. Going REALLY Slow

good vertical jump workouts

During the last 5 reps of any exercise, go really slow and control the weight in both directions. If you are doing pull-ups, control your weight going up and going down. Doing it slow will really put added tension on the muscles and yes it will get you gains. The key to this is to maintain good form and making sure that the right muscle is being used. Again this can be done on any exercise and you’ll be sure to feel a nice burn as well.

3. Getting a New Workout Plan

good vertical jump workouts

The workouts you may be doing may have become too engrained into your routine. So start a new workout plan and mix up some new exercises. After all, working out is testing out our own limits. So test yours with different workout plans every 2-3 months. The variety will keep your body guessing and improving.

Keep in mind that you can certainly use these simple steps even if you haven’t hit a plateau. It will only help your gains!

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