Basketball Motivation – Habits Make or Break You

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The Power of Habits on Your Basketball Skill

basketball motivation

Do you ever feel lazy or bored? You might have a bad habit of waking up late, or maybe overeating while watching a basketball game. You simply lack that basketball motivation. We all have those moments where we know we are doing something counterproductive but can’t help it. Then after doing it, we feel bad for ourselves. This is the cycle of a bad habit. There may be many of these cycles in your life. However, it is essential to know that all habits can be changed, and the bad ones can also be turned into good. While this sounds great, it is not an easy task. Habits last for long periods of time, with some lasting a lifetime. They stay with you and define your actions. Both good and bad habits are equally impactful on our lives. Let’s look at how we can use the good ones:

basketball motivation

Habits: The Foundation of Success

Habits form the foundation of success. Whether we like to admit it or not, we as humans are habitual creatures. We have “our spot” at the table, and words and phrases we usually say. When one learns how to structure habits in a positive way, they can always measure their success. Kobe Bryant used to head to the gym at 4 A.M. to practice his basketball skills. Surely, it was hard for him in the beginning. But as he kept doing it, it became a habit. He essentially created his own basketball motivation from the ground up. It just fit into his lifestyle and became normal to him. By the way, Kobe did this to destroy his competition. The earlier he woke up, the more time he had to practice. Look how that worked out for him in his career!

Let’s take a look how habits affect your game. Say that you practice layups around 100 times before a game. It soon becomes so easy that it is literally on autopilot. That is in fact a habit. When you play the game, going up for a layup will be instinctual and you won’t have to think about it. The NBA legends don’t have to do much thinking. Rather, they focus their energy on reacting to their opponents. When they react properly, the rest is up to their habits. Many people think about focusing on their jump shot. But, If it is practiced enough it can become a habit that does not need to be thought about. We can all look for things in our lives to improve. Structure a habit for yourself and put conscious effort into doing it. Before long, you will create a habit that you can put on autopilot.

basketball motivation

Staying on Track

One of the most important things about habits is that they can create new ones. That means that if you have a bad habit, it has the possibility of creating more bad habits. For example, the habit of watching too much TV can create the habit of binge eating. We aren’t looking at the bad ones though, so let’s focus on the good habits. This can be very beneficial if used properly.

Let’s look at it in terms of basketball motivation. If one actively begins to practice their basketball skills, then it may soon be a habit. That habit might also create the habit of eating healthy so that his skills could improve. Now the discipline learned in practicing everyday could transfer over to other facets of life, such as waking up on time or studying for tests on a regular basis. One good habit could change a person’s life. It is extremely powerful and all the NBA greats have used the power of habits. We could learn from them and create just one good habit and try following through every day. Try it with conscious effort for at least 30 days and see how it can change your life.