Basketball Inspiration: Building The Necessary Steps For Greatness

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4 Steps to Forming Killer Habits

We already looked at how habits are very useful to everyone’s lifestyle. If you missed that then click here first. However, knowing the benefits of habits alone will not guarantee a better lifestyle. We all have to create proper ones that fit into our personal lives. Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players, not to mention one of our favorites as well. He built such killer habits that the separation between him and his competition was massive. These habits were with him throughout his career and his lifestyle. He did not do this in one day. Rather, it was through a multitude of steps. It is how he made himself into a champion. Let’s take a look at how you can build that basketball inspiration for yourself:

basketball inspiration

1. Identifying the problem

The first step in creating good habits is to identify the bad habits that already exist or new habits you might want to create. Find out what you want to improve. Another thing to keep a close eye out for are the negative triggers. For example, does waking up late make you lazy? Does eating too much junk food make you want to sleep? Does watching too much television get you so tired that you forget to do the important things? Well I can agree that at least one of those habits was ingrained so deeply within me that it seemed normal. Finding these habits can be difficult and it may be a hard pill to swallow. But it is great for the long run, and is necessary to obtain that basketball inspiration. Finding the trigger of why one wakes up late or why one eats so much junk food is specific to each person. So, figure out why you are doing what you are doing.

basketball inspiration

2. Find out the reason

Now that you have identified the problem, let’s look at the reasoning behind it. This is a short, but crucial step to figure out. Perhaps someone eats too much junk food because they are bored. I did that for sure. Perhaps someone may wake up late because they weren’t clear on what they wanted to do that day. Bottom line is, you need to figure out the reason why. Only then will change begin to present itself.

basketball inspiration

3. Start a change ASAP

So you know your faults and know what is triggering them. Great! Keep in mind that the trigger will not change. What will change is the habit. For example, the trigger of being bored will be there but what will change is the outcome. Find the right change for you. Perhaps the best way to attack boredom is to find activities that you like doing. Whether it be exercise, basketball, or even reading. Always try to create a positive change for some positive results. This will spark some basketball inspiration. Simple, right?

basketball inspiration

4. Follow through

Now, don’t get me wrong. The cravings of going back to your old habits will be there for the time being. So make sure to apply strict rules to follow through for any cravings that you may have. For example, if being bored is your trigger, then decide that you are going to perform positive activities whenever you are truly bored, for at least 30 DAYS. That’s right! Ignore ALL the cravings and simply follow through. This is probably the most important step for creating or changing your habits. Try doing something for 30 days straight and see how effortless it becomes on the 31st day and all the days after. Build the basketball inspiration needed to become a better baller and begin NOW.