About Us

Who are we?

Hey, our names are Deban and Joe, and we were roommates in college(and still are), and current coworkers. We created this website for people who are trying to improve their jumping ability. We are passionate about basketball and are always striving to improve our game.

Shooting and dribbling the basketball is one thing. However, when it came to jumping, our helpless, 5’7 bodies were vertically challenged to say the least. We embarrassingly remember all the shots we got blocked because we could barely leave the ground. This issue became even more apparent when we got to college. Our open gym was the hotspot for teenage athletes to show off the trampolines in their shoes. We had to jump higher, and fast, in order to compete.

We spent a ton of wasted time (and unfortunately money) trying out a bunch of bogus jump programs and exercise routines. I even remember trying out this “jump higher” smoothie every morning for a month,(Although we didn’t add inches to our vertical, we certainly added inches to our waist). As you can guess, that did nothing, but it did taste pretty good. Fortunately, through much trial and error, we found out what works when it comes to jumping higher.

If you are looking for what we consider the best system to being a better jumper, then check out our blog review of the best jump program ==>  Vert Shock Review