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How Jumping Higher Instantly Makes you a Better Basketball Player

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Better Vert, Better Baller: How Jumping Higher Instantly Makes You a Better Basketball Player

We all have crazy respect for those few lucky ones who can dunk. Nothing impresses a basketball lover quite like that guy who shimmies onto the court and effortlessly slams it through the net. EVERYONE wants that guy on their team. Why? Because jumping high is one of the top skills you can possess as a baller, and DEFINITELY the most impressive. Let’s dive into the ways that increasing your vertical will impact your game on the court.

Block City

Defense wins championships. That’s what every basketball coach will tell you. Blocking shots is the premier defensive ability in basketball. It can literally win you a game. Think back to LeBron blocking Tiago Splitter’s shot to win game 2 of the 2013 NBA finals. Your timing and position need to be accurate. But most importantly, you have to be able to jump high, especially if you are playing taller players. With a high vertical, you will be able to chase players down on a fast break and swat their shot into the stands. If you want to strike fear in other players, blocking shots is the most intimidating thing you can do to them.

Finishing at the Rim

On the offensive side of blocking shots, there’s finishing your shot at the rim. Increasing your vertical won’t just help you block shots, you’ll be able to finish over the other players too! Let’s look at the best finishers in the NBA today: LeBron James, James Harden, Paul George, and Isaiah Thomas. What do they have in common? It’s not their height, it’s their verticals! Isaiah Thomas is only 5’9 but he has a 40’’ vertical and the others have similar verticals as well. Jumping high is a must if you want to finish consistently at the rim!



Shooting the Ball

Believe it or not, your ability to jump has a huge effect on your jump shot. For one, the higher you jump, the harder it is for someone to block your shot, raising your shooting percentage. On top of that, the higher you jump, the better your vision of the rim will be, which will make you shoot more accurately. And, the higher you jump, the closer your release will be to the rim, which generally has a positive impact on your shot. Nearly all of the great shooters jump high on their shots (Steph Curry, Ray Allen, Steve Nash). Larry Bird is an exception, as very few great shooters have set shots.



If you are able to jump high, it’s necessary to be in good shape. They go hand in hand. You can’t jump high if you have excess fat, or if you’re weak. You simply wouldn’t get any lift off the ground. Therefore, if you follow a jumping program, not only will you be jumping high, but you will tone up your body and become better conditioned. And of course, the better conditioned you are, the better your body can handle competitive games of basketball.


Hand-Eye Coordination

When you think about jumping, you think of leg movements: bent knees and then explosion. However, the movement of your upper body is critical to your jump gains. Your lower body and upper body have to be trained to move in sync with each other (this is what good jump programs teach you how to do). Therefore, anyone who properly trains their jump will vastly improve their coordination. Have you ever seen someone who jumps really high but has a difficult time dunking? They probably look stiff. That’s the tell-tale sign of someone who trained their vertical improperly. If you properly train, your coordination will improve and you’ll be able to move around the court and catch the ball easier, especially while in the air.


There is nothing that gives you more confidence than knowing you are physically better prepared than your competition. Likewise, nothing creates more fear than feeling intimidated by the physical prowess of your opponent. Jumping is the premier athletic ability in basketball. Some athletes even rely on their vertical to make it to the pros. Look at what happened to Derrick Rose. After he tore his ACL, his vertical decreased and he went from MVP to one of the worst starting point guards in the league. League commentators spoke of how his confidence looked low and how he would look timid when finishing at the rim. Knowing that you can soar above the competition is the single greatest confidence booster in basketball, hands down.

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How to Get More Out of Your Jump Workouts: 3 Simple Tips

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3 Simple Tips to Get More Out of Your Workouts

Ever feel like you are not progressing in your workouts? Well there could be many reasons but most likely you have hit a plateau. This means your body has gotten used to the workouts you have been doing. However, there are a few simple ways to get out of the plateau and shock your body back into gains mode!

1.  Supersets

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This is usually performed at the end of your workouts or on the last set. The premise is to do your normal exercise and then follow up with lower weight and finish off the set until failure. For example: If you are doing squats with 145 pounds for 10 reps on your last set, then simply drop the weight about 30-50% and finish off with however many reps you have left in you. This is a good way to get a nice pump in your muscles.

2. Going REALLY Slow

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During the last 5 reps of any exercise, go really slow and control the weight in both directions. If you are doing pull-ups, control your weight going up and going down. Doing it slow will really put added tension on the muscles and yes it will get you gains. The key to this is to maintain good form and making sure that the right muscle is being used. Again this can be done on any exercise and you’ll be sure to feel a nice burn as well.

3. Getting a New Workout Plan

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The workouts you may be doing may have become too engrained into your routine. So start a new workout plan and mix up some new exercises. After all, working out is testing out our own limits. So test yours with different workout plans every 2-3 months. The variety will keep your body guessing and improving.

Keep in mind that you can certainly use these simple steps even if you haven’t hit a plateau. It will only help your gains!

If you want a new 8 week vertical jump training workout, click here to find out more!


Quick Tips to Get Quicker Results: The Fastest Way to Get More Results in Any Jump Training Program

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The Fastest Way to Get More Results in Any Jump Training Program

You may often hear that it is very difficult to get into shape or it’s really hard to gain strength. These are very reasonable claims and for the most part they may be true. It is difficult, but it is not impossible. You may also see people that excel at faster rates than other people and may be thinking it’s genetics or the person is very lucky to be so gifted. Again, could be true and again that should not stop you. The best way to speed up your success is to do what you can control. Lets take the blame game elsewhere and see how you can get faster results:


jump training program

The first step into any program/exercise or even decision is to be fully committed that you are going to finish it. That’s right, I didn’t say start! I said finish. Think about how excited people get about starting their new years resolution. Now think about how many people actually follow through on their resolution. The excitement goes as fast as it came and that is exactly what not to do when trying to get results. The best thing to do would be to ask yourself if you are willing to finish and follow through what your started. If you look at the end goal and have made up your mind that you are going to go through with this then make sure you execute on that plan!


jump training program

After you have made the commitment, you might naturally just want to know more about a program or regimen or just anything that will make you better. You might search for YouTube videos on how to do things or perhaps read blog posts on your free time. Your curiosity will naturally grow and you will continue to figure out what it is that you personally need to do. During this stage of learning, it is important to note that everyone is different in terms of their body, mindset and the way they take in information. Find out what works for you personally to adapt or implement in your training regimen.


jump training program

The key to finishing what you start is to make a schedule for yourself. Although this seems like added work, it is very effective. When you write down what you need to be doing on what day, it becomes clear and easier to do certain things. Even if you do not see results immediately, be committed enough to learn what is wrong and then follow through. For example, a person who wants to get better at free throws should schedule a couple of days where he or she takes at least 100 free throws. If there is no schedule, there is no direction of success. Create your own plan for success and stick to it. Results don’t come immediately but it will come faster if you stay consistent to your plan.

Following a good program

jump training program

Since we are talking about getting results at a faster rate. What better way to get results than to get training from professionals? Learning from professionals cuts the learning curve in half and allows you to trust the process because there are many people who have already done it. One of the best programs out there for jumping is VertShock. It guides you through a 8 week program which is guaranteed to work. Check it out here.

Remember the amount of effort you put in will equate to the results you receive. Give it your best!